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About ARP

For over 25 years, ARP has been helping business customers of all types and sizes get the IT hardware and software they need. Founded in Switzerland, ARP is a customer-oriented, full-service IT specialist whose expertise ranges from client and print management to mobility and IT security. We simplify the IT procurement process through personal and digital communication, advanced customisation options and an online shop designed specifically with customers in mind. Our customers count on ARP to assist them in purchasing the right IT to reinforce and grow market share while keeping costs low. And with ARP, IT’s easy!

ARP operates offices in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium. By teaming up with our parent company, Bechtle, we have access to a powerful, international network of partners while remaining rooted in our local regions.

IT’s easy. IT’s ARP.


Company History

When ARP was founded in 1988, computers were on their way to becoming a mainstream staple of society. Apple had introduced its Macintosh 2 just one year prior, vaunting its 16 MHz processor. The IT industry has come a long way since then. It didn't take long for computers to establish themselves as an indispensable fixture of personal and professional life.

ARP has also undergone considerable changes throughout its history. Founded as a division of Swiss industrial supplier ARP AG, it split from its parent company in 1990 to become ARP Datacon AG. That same year, ARP Datacon AG expanded beyond Swiss borders with a subsidiary in Germany. Since then, it has added subsidiaries in Austria, the Netherlands, France and Belgium, as well as its own purchasing company in Taiwan. In 2004, ARP joined the Bechtle Group. Through the support of its strong parent company, ARP is now able to serve customers in large parts of Europe and the world.

Over the years, the company has shed its origins as a simple IT reseller to become a true IT specialist. ARP now offers various independent IT solutions in addition to hardware and software. Its solid, expert partners enable ARP to plan and implement IT projects of any kind. Our customers benefit from customised cross-channel support that combines personal account management with a user-friendly online shop accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.